• Bismark Corp Vast Experience
    With many years of vast experience,
    our unique combination of services
    set us apart.
    We are proud of our commitment to
    excellence, and strive to exceed
    our customer's expectations.
    We take great pride in our people,
    and great pride in our work.
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  • Team Work Expertise
    Bismark Corp. is able to meet all of your
    building needs acting as General Contractors,
    Design/Builders, or Construction Managers.
    Our experience from past projects
    and the experience of our staff allow us
    to approach all new projects with a high
    degree of confidence and efficiency.
    Call us: (973) 412-9223
  • General Contractor
    As a general contractor, Bismark Construction
    Corp provides a variety of services:

    • General Contracting
    • Design-Build Services
    • Construction Management
    • Conceptual Estimating/Budgeting
    • Pre-Engineered Buildings
    Call us: (973) 412-9223
  • Commitment to Excellence
    We know that everything we build touches
    someone's life - and we are committed to building
    excellence into all that we do.
    The strength and continued success of our company
    comes from this commitment, which is reflected in
    our safety record, our sustainable design initiatives,
    our merit shop philosophy, and our spirit
    of community support.
    Call us: (973) 412-9223

Bismark Construction Corp - Construction Management

In an industry full of construction management experts, Bismark Construction Corp stands apart by doing something very simple: listening to client's needs and using our expertise to meet them. Our experienced team of professionals customizes each construction management plan that saves our clients time, resources and money.

In the role of construction manager, Bismark Construction Corp acts as the owner's representative in the overseeing of the project from beginning to end. We ensure that the owner's interests are kept paramount at all times and that all project team members accomplish their tasks in a manner that fulfills the owner's vision for the project. To a great extent, we translate the language of the owner and the design professional into the language of the contractor.


To every construction management project, we apply our capabilities in:

  • Risk Allocation
  • Cost Controlled "Schedule of Values"
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
  • Management of Contractors
  • Document Control & Management
  • Quality Control of Construction


We achieve results by looking ahead - from two-week planning reports to the overall construction master schedule. This shortens the design and construction phases of the project. Our experienced team has the skills and practical experience to adapt to any type or size of project, under any deadline.